dsc00814I’m not typically a big fan of wheat beers, and even more skeptical of beers that tout fruit in their name. But I decided to give Sam Adams Cherry Wheat a try the other night. And I actually kind of liked it. But part of that could be that I drank it directly after the aforementioned Landshark.

Poured with a reddish amber hue, not much in the way of head. Not sure if they use real cherries in the brewing process (I highly doubt it, but the label hints at it…probably more like “real” cherry extract or syrup), but it has a pleasant fruit aroma.

The taste is definitely cherry, mixed with a subtle wheat maltiness to it. I don’t think the cherry thing is necessarily overdone. But I also couldn’t drink a bunch of these, as I’m sure it would get pretty cloying rather quickly. This beer gets beaten up pretty well on Beer Advocate, but overall I think it’s a decent enough beer (for what it is).

Rating: C+