dsc00927A bit of a departure from the norm here folks.

Yeah, I know. This is a beer and homebrewing blog. I get that. But once in a while The Captain likes to delve beyond the fascinating world of beer and give his palate a little pick-me-up in the form of scotch, whiskey, bourbon or wine. While I definitely don’t claim to have a similar knowledge or stylistic insight into what makes a particular scotch better than another, I do know what tastes good. So there’s obviously alot to talk about in these respective areas, too. 

Over Thanksgiving my uncle pulled out a bottle of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, and poured me a nice two finger glass to sample. And boy is it tasty.

First off, a little history, which coincidentally intersects a bit with the beer drinking world. Stranahan’s is the only whiskey made in the Rocky Mountains, and by most peoples’ estimation one of the first microdistilleries in the country. Pretty cool. Even cooler is that they contract with Oskar Blues to craft their special four-barley fermented wash that gives their whiskey its distinctively sweet flavor. First I’ve ever heard of such an arrangement. They also limit their production to only three barrels each week, preferring the small batch practice of combining up to six of their finest barrels to create the most distinctive, uniform flavor for each bottled batch.

In short…these guys are to the whiskey world what Dogfish Head is to craft beer. Inventive and unique. Gotta love it.

Now, when it comes to my whiskey drinking tastes, I’ve always been a pretty loyal Jack Daniels guy over the years. The sweet malt and charcoal infused flavor always does the trick. But Stranahan’s is something totally different. Poured neat with a dab of lukewarm water to open it up. At 94 proof, your senses are immediately wallopped with the heft of this one, very aromatic with sweet vanilla notes coming through. While it’s very potent, Stranahan’s is also surprisingly very approachable with its soft buttery caramel flavoring. Not harsh in the least, as many would expect.  

I sipped on two small glasses of this fine whiskey over a couple hours, and was feeling pretty damn good. One of the best whiskeys I’ve ever had.

Rating: A