The only reason I’ll willingly drink something like Michelob Ultra is if I’m at a sporting event and presented with little other option. Such was the case today at the PGA Championship, hosted by the glorious Hazeltine National Golf Club in Chaska. An absolutely gorgeous day, made even better by the relatively relaxed environment at the tournament during today’s practice round. Players were approachable, quick to sign a few autographs, and in generally good spirits as Glory’s Last Shot draws near.

My friend and I got out there a little before 8 a.m. after hearing Tiger usually preferred to tee off early. And early it was, as he and playing partner Bubba Watson were just about making the turn when we walked in. We managed to follow Tiger pretty closely through the back, despite the mob that converged every hole the guy was on. I was amazed at the rabid nature of some of these folks, jostling and elbowing any small child in their way to catch a quick glimpse.   

The $7 12 ounce pour of Mich Ultra at one of the various concession stands around the course proved relatively flat and lacking any distinguishing flavor or aroma. It literally tasted like tainted water. I purposely held the clear glass up into the sunlight so it would become light struck, eventually emitting SOME kind of discernible flavor and aroma, albeit off. I mean really…what were you thinking Michelob? And even further…what was the PGA/Hazeltine thinking in not figuring out a way to get Summit out there? Good enough for Sergio, good enough for the rest of us?

A horrific beer by any standard.

Rating: F

Now, enjoy some shots from the tourney.