In the Twin Cities area and looking for a great place to have a pint, go on a brewery tour, or pick up a bottle or two of fine craft beer? Here’s a few suggestions:

Craft Beer Bars/Brew Pubs
DSC02208Acadia Cafe (Minneapolis)
Barley John’s (New Brighton)
Bryant Lake Bowl (Minneapolis)
Buster’s on 28th (Minneapolis)
Fitger’s Brewhouse (Duluth)
Great Waters Brewing (St. Paul)
Groveland Tap (St. Paul)
Grumpy’s (Downtown and NE Minneapolis)
Minneapolis Town Hall (Minneapolis) 
Rock Bottom (Minneapolis)
Stub & Herbs (Minneapolis)
Sweeney’s (St. Paul)
The Blue Door Pub (St. Paul)
The Blue Nile (Minneapolis)
The Bulldog (Uptown and NE Minneapolis)
The Bulldog (Lowertown St. Paul)
The Happy Gnome (St. Paul)
The Herkimer (Minneapolis)
The Muddy Pig (St. Paul)

Breweries/Brew Pubs
DSC00714August Schell (New Ulm)
Barley John’s (New Brighton)
Brau Brothers Brewing (Lucan)
Cold Spring Brewing (Cold Spring)
Fitger’s Brewhouse (Duluth)
Flat Earth Brewing (St. Paul)
Fulton Beer (Minneapolis)
Great Waters Brewing (St. Paul)
Harriet Brewing (Minneapolis)
The Herkimer (Minneapolis)
Lift Bridge (Stillwater)
Minneapolis Town Hall (Minneapolis)
Rock Bottom (Minneapolis)
Summit Brewing (St. Paul)
Surly (Brooklyn Center)
Vine Park Brewing (St. Paul)

Highly Respectable Purveyors of Craft Beer
n40686662703_2438The Four Firkins (St. Louis Park)
Zipps Liquors (Minneapolis)
Blue Max Liquors (Burnsville)
The Cellars (Multiple locations in the Twin Cities)
Surdyk’s (Minneapolis)
Haskell’s (Multiple locations in the Twin Cities)
Casanova’s (Hudson, Wisconsin)
Chicone’s Liquor Mart (Hudson, Wisconsin)


5 Responses to “Beer Spots”

  1. Alvey Says:

    Thanks for the props mate!

    You have a great blog here, I like the way you write. I too have had many interactions with bar tenders and wait staff around town similar to the ones you recount. If it wasn’t so unbearably sad it’d be hilarious!

  2. amm002 Says:

    Thanks Alvey, you’ve got a great collection of beers, hope to enjoy more of them. Saw you got in that Norwegian DIPA, hopefully there’s still some left!

  3. Frank Says:

    If you want the best store in Hudson on your list, you gotta have Casanova’s on there. We had KBS, they didn’t, nuff said. We have a cool blog, too.

  4. amm002 Says:

    Thanks Frank. I haven’t personally been to the store yet, which is why I hadn’t included it. But you’re right, I’ve heard alot about you guys. I’ll say hi when I stop in.

  5. Kelly Says:

    Casanova’s has a fantastic single bottle selection…at least 70 single bottles.

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