Ever drank a good beer from a snifter? Studied carbonation tables for your kegerator? Or quietly snuck down to the basement in the middle of the night to get just one more whiff of hops emanating from the air lock on your fermentor?

My name’s Aaron, and suffice to say, I enjoy fresh and flavorful craft beer. I’ll go far out of my way to get it. Even better, I enjoy making it for my friends and family.

I am a Certified Beer Server through the Cicerone Certification Program, and in addition to managing this site, I’m also a freelance writer and contributor to local Twin Cities media outlets, including Heavy Table and Star Tribune’s Vita.mn.

I originally started this site as a venue to discuss my various home brew experiments. Working in public relations, I spend much of my time writing, so it was a fun diversion to keep my creative juices flowing and communications skills sharp. But over time, the site has grown into much more than that, including feature stories and industry Q&A’s with notable brewers and craft beer advocates, beer reviews, discussions on beer styles and food pairing, and relevant beer news.

It’s also a site focused on local beer happenings in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Next to more widely known U.S. craft beer meccas on the coasts, the Twin Cities has a vibrant and growing craft beer community that deserves to be chronicled and appreciated.

Shoot me an email and let me know what you think: amm002blog@yahoo.com

Home Brewing Awards

  • Gold Medal – 2009 Minnesota Renaissance Festival Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup, Eclectic – Fruit Beer category (Raspberry Wheat Stout)
  • White Ribbon – 2009 Minnesota State Fair Home Brew Competition, Fruit Beer category (Raspberry Wheat Stout)
  • Bronze Medal – 2012 Minnesota Renaissance Festival Byggvir’s Big Beer Cup, Specialty Cider (Common Perry)

Additional Beer Writings

My Rating System
There’s as many ways to rate a beer as there are beer drinkers. I’m very familiar with the BJCP rating system, but for the purposes of this site I’ve chosen to assign simple grades to each beverage that I sample, largely because for most of us the A through F grade scale is something we’re pretty familiar with. But I also realize that for folks trying to discern the material differences between an “A-” beer and a “B+” beer, it might be a little abstract. So here’s how I tend to break things down:

  • A+ — World class, deserving of the highest recommendation.
  • A through A- — Strongly recommended, one of the best examples of the style.
  • B+ through B- — Recommended, a solid offering but may have some very minor drawbacks.
  • C+ through C- — Unlikely to recommend, a relatively average offering that may contain flaws or flavor profiles deemed unsuitable (at least for this author).
  • D+ through D- — Not recommended, serious issues in appearance, aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel. What you might call a disaster.
  • F — Not recommended. Avoid at all costs. Go directly to jail…do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

7 Responses to “About”

  1. Josh Says:

    I am new to beer and even newer to blogging. Just made my 2nd homebrew (a small kit, will expand later) and I dangerously immersing myself into the wonderful world of beerdom. The southwest seems a good place to be these days. I love your blog so far and look forward to devoting more time to studying it. Please, please, please, see my most recent post and contribute an idea or three. Muchas gracias.


  2. Caitlin Says:

    Really enjoying your blog – thank you! I am wondering if you know anything about distributing homebrew commercially – at bars. I am opening a bar and had a thought of featuring homebrews from locals. I’m sure there are liability issues with serving a beer that isn’t commercial but I wanted to see if you had any ideas of feedback.

    Thank you!

  3. amm002 Says:

    Caitlin, thanks, appreciate that!

    I’m not an expert on distribution laws but I know homebrewers are not allowed to sell their beer commercially, period. The state of MN requires commercial brewers to possess a permit/license to brew and sell beer. This does not include homebrewers, so I’d guess you would probably have a hard time getting your idea to work since the state and distributors would want a cut of the revenue involved. This doesn’t even get into any federal issues with the ATF, which would likely consider you a moonshiner if you sold beer produced without license, whether you brewed it or not. I have heard, however, of bars hosting homebrew competitions, but the beer isn’t for sale to the public, people can sample it for free as part of the competition (the Black Forest Inn just did something like this a couple months ago).

  4. Scot Says:

    I am wondering if homebrewers can distribute for beer fests non profti if they would like people to sample their brew? We have made an excellent Russian style Tinkov beer and it would be interesting if could consider marketing it, any suggestions? Thanks from San Luis Obispo cleaning services

  5. amm002 Says:

    Scot, it’s not about profit, it’s about selling the beer without a license. I’m not aware of any state that would allow an unlicensed brewer to sell product to the public.

  6. Maggie Says:

    Aaron – I want to commend you on the beauty of your website. It is really lovely. I love the photo of the hops flowers.

    I am in the Bay Area. Otherwise I would want you to be tasting my beers and rating them. Maybe you can try one of my recipes sometime. I’m going to try some of your.


  7. Trying to reach you for permission to use your photo (dsc07021.jpg). We own Hell’s Kitchen and would like to publicize your fabulous blog to our own blog readers. Excellent work…kudos from Hell.
    Credit info? (of course this is a last-minute request; blog gets posted Wed)

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