They’re finally here…the much sought after Golden Tickets for Dark Lord Day 2010.

This year’s trip to Three Floyd’s Brewery in Munster, Indiana will be a little different than last year, primarily because of the motley crew that will be joining me for the weekend including Aaron at The Vice Blog, Dave at Drunken Polack, Stu at Friday Night Beer, my brother and brother-in-law, and a few other friends.

We have alot on the agenda, and I’m hoping we can squeeze it all in…on the way down Friday we’re hoping to make a stop at Ale Asylum in Madison for lunch, a visit to New Glarus for a tour and tasting, dinner at Goose Island Clyburn in Chicago, and of course all the Dark Lord fun we can handle at Three Floyds on Saturday. I’m also looking forward to showing off some of the best beer spots the Twin Cities has to offer to my out of town friends flying in on Thursday, with stops at Town Hall, Stub & Herbs, Barley John’s, and Muddy Pig.

More to come on what’s sure to be another memorable beer road trip!