Belgian pales are a style that I don’t go out of my way to find, but when you get a good one, they’re very memorable. 

I stopped in to Town Hall recently for my usual growler of Masala Mama and was surprised to see their Enkel available on draught. After a quick quaff I decided to pick up a growler for home perusement.

Golden coloring on the pour, slightly hazy with yeast, and a moderately rocky head. Aroma is sublime, a well balanced, subtle blend of yeast, fruity esters of pear, and spice. Flavor is soft malt with biscuity notes in the background, a deceptively simple taste that surprises in its complexity. Great mouthfeel, very lively.  

I feel like I just described a saison. But overall, a wonderful beer and a great session choice at 5.2% ABV. Not sure I’ve ever had a beer from Town Hall that I haven’t enjoyed.

Rating: A-

Where I Bought It: Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery
Availability: Seasonal
Price: $13 per growler