Sometimes I’ll read beer reviews, my own included, and realize that some of them are about three adjectives and a couple of choice nouns away from being mistaken as Penthouse Forum letters.

“Beautiful body, with legs for miles.”

“Seductive mouthfeel.”

“Intoxicating perfume, with a firm backbone that keeps you wanting more.”

Only thing missing is the handsome repairman coming to fix the bored housewife’s plumbing.

So instead of turning this into a Whitman-esque rendition of my thoughts on Three Floyd’s Rabbid Rabbit, I’ll just go ahead and call it one of the most unique American saisons I’ve tried in a long time.

I picked this one up on my Dark Lord Day excursion last year, since the brewery unfortunately does not distribute in Minnesota (yet), and have been cellaring it since. Poured with a golden coloring and dense head of carbonation, pretty lively and effervescent. Aroma is certainly fruity, and you do get some hops, but more than anything I was surprised that the beer truly smelled like graham crackers, which was very pleasing, a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices. Flavor was sweet, a soft mix of fruit and spice, without much of the 7.4% ABV coming through. Medium mouthfeel, with a sweet finish (not classically dry).

Overall, a really fun beer from a great brewery that stretches the style guidelines a bit.

Rating: B+

Where I Bought It: Three Floyd’s Brewery
Availability: Seasonal – released in March
Price: About $14 per 22 oz. bottle