Just a real quick post on this because I know several people have expressed interest…

The Berliner Weisse I brewed a couple weeks ago seems to be doing very well. I racked the beer to secondary last night after a nice primary fermentation, and it smelled amazing. Beautiful sour aroma set on a solid wheaty background. Very light and delicate.  No hops to speak of, which was expected given the no boil approach. Taste was also pretty good, the faint beginnings of tartness, but not as sour at this point as I was hoping. I’ve been reading that the lacto will take some time to work its magic. All in all, I’d say somewhat reminiscent to Festina Peche, minus the apricot thing.

The beer finished at 1.002, putting it at about 2.5% ABV. When I bottle in a week or so, I’ll dose with a second helping of lacto, which will help promote the souring as the beer conditions in the bottle over the next couple months. When the time comes, I may even try to concoct my own syrups to accompany the beer, an homage to the traditional way the beer is served in Germany.