Nice to see beer and food pairing getting a national audience, even if it was 9 a.m.

Gail Simmons, editor at Food & Wine Magazine and of Bravo’s Top Chef fame, recently walked through a number of beer and food pairings on the Today Show, highlighting a handful of broad categories and providing tips on how to make an informed match. While I won’t quibble and debate her on the sweeping statement that white wine = lager and red wine = ale (I understand she had 2 minutes to cover a ton of ground and the point is to get people to be a little adventurous), I think there’s some good stuff in the segment that hopefully got a few folks thinking about some interesting approaches for their next dinner party or night out at their favorite restaurant.

In addition, check out Great Brewers Beer Sommelier pairing tool on the right side of the homepage for a very well-designed and easy-to-use program that gets much more specific and in-depth on flavor profiles and suitable beer selections.

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