The hops are progressing well.

As you might recall, the Cascade bine got off to an amazing start earlier this summer. Shot up to six or seven feet within the first couple weeks, then it mysteriously tapered off for no apparent reason. I thought for a while that it had actually died, as the leaves started to yellow and take on a frail, papery thin look and feel. In the meantime, my Fuggle and Horizon plants also languished, barely peaking above ground. I’d read those species could be temperamental, but this was getting ridiculous.

Then everything changed. Not sure if it was the barometric pressure, the slew of warm sunny days we’ve been receiving of late, or the sacred Pliny the Elder rain dance I performed during the waxing moon (sorry neighbors), but all three plants have rejuvenated. The Cascade even sprouted dozens of little side tendrils, reaching out like a millipede across the trellis and making foundation for a thicker, fuller bush. I’m hoping the other two catch up to the Cascade in the coming weeks, and they all start sprouting some nice hop cones.