File:Flag of Belgium.svgWhen I look at my blog stats, I routinely get a bunch of referrals from various search engines with people trying to figure out how to pronounce beer names, most of them traditional Belgian brands and styles. St. Feuillien? Westvleteren? Oud bruin? You got me pal, I’m just an ignorant American who likes his Freedom Fries hot and his Belgian beers served ice cold, preferably from a Coors vented widemouth can.

So I stumbled on a pretty cool resource* that helps dispel some of the semantic stupefication. Aside from a fantastic library of audio files outlining correct beer pronunciations in both Flemish and French, The Belgian Beer Escort is a really great site that offers a ton of useful information on travel tips if you’re planning a beer tour of the country, tasting notes, which Belgian offerings are imported to the U.S., and even what glassware and pouring techniques to use. Check it out.

* Thanks to Dean for the link.