I know you can get this in the Twin Cities, but I think I picked up Tyranena’s Bitter Woman IPA at Chicone’s in Hudson a while back.

I’ve had this on draught and from the bottle, and I think I like it a little better on draught, which is probably the case for many beers (and IPA’s in particular) that I’ve tried.

Poured with a huge fluffy head into my trusty Sam Adams Perfect Pint glass that, according to Boston Brewing Co., has been specifically engineered to unleash the full aroma and flavor potential of a beer (most notably Sam Adams Boston Lager, of course). Seems like a bit of a stretch, considering this beer glass is supposed to do everything from better maintain beer temperature, promote head retention, improve carbonation thanks to laser etchings on the bottom of the glass, and of course cure cancer and end conflict in the Middle East. But whatever, hats off to them for trying something new.  

Bitter Woman is very reminiscent in the nose to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale…clean and Cascade hoppy. Alot of the usual citrus and grapefruit-y aroma going on. Not sure when it was bottled, but the hops weren’t as aggressive as I remembered them being from a fresh keg, but that’s what happens as the hop resins subside over time. The color is nice, a rich copper tone that you don’t often see in some IPA’s.

Taste is good, but not as bitter as the name might suggest. I’d say definitely on the malty side of the IPA spectrum with more dominant flavors of caramel and toffee coming through. Very nice and refreshing mouthfeel thanks to the loads of bubbles in this one. It’s only 5.75% ABV, so definitely an offering you could hang out with for quite a while without needing to call in sick to work the next day.    

Rating: B