dspdarklord2I think the luck of the Irish was with me yesterday.

Managed to secure two Golden Tickets for the upcoming Dark Lord Day on Saturday, April 25th at the Three Floyd’s brewery in beautiful Munster, Indiana just outside of Chicago. They cut off the online sale of the tickets just a few minutes after I made my purchase, so it seems I got in right under the wire.

Unlike past Dark Lord Day festivals, they decided this year to use a ticket system to guarantee the 2,000 or so ticket holders their allotment of Dark Lord (I’m guessing 5 or 6 750 ml bottles depending on yield), and discourage the inevitable line cutting and general chaos that ensues at these types of beer release events. Anyone without a ticket can still show up and buy beer, but they’ll need to stand in line and try their luck with the rest of the mob. All in all, I think the new system seems to make sense, and is supposed to make for a more orderly and enjoyable day for everyone.  

For those out there wondering what would possess me to drive 7 or 8 hours to stand in line for a handful of beers, Three Floyd’s Dark Lord, a masterfully designed Russian imperial stout, is considered by many to be one of the best beers in the world, currently rated #4 on Beer Advocate’s “Top Beers on Planet Earth” list. I was able to get a very small sample of it at last year’s Surly Darkness Day thanks to a fellow trader who poured some for us as we stood there freezing our asses off in the October morning chill. From that small sip, and based on reviews and discussions with fellow beer geeks, this legendary beer is deserving of every last bit of credit it gets. If this year’s version is anywhere near Surly Darkness 2008 (and I’m certain it will be), the drive to Chicago to get it will seem like a relatively insignificant hurdle to contend with.

My brother and I are planning to make the drive down on the 24th, and possibly hit up some other Chicago breweries that same evening like Goose Island. We’ll head out to Dark Lord Day on Saturday morning, enjoy the festivities and probably load up on other great Three Floyd’s stuff like Alpha King, then drive back into the city and take in a White Sox game Saturday evening. Sounds like my buddies Dave over at The Drunken Polack and Stu at Friday Night Beer are making plans to attend, so I’m sure we’ll meet up for a few.  

Really looking forward to what should be a great weekend.