dsc01704This past weekend I ended up racking my smoked porter into secondary after a vigorous two-week primary fermentation. After I shot that video, the yeast took off in a big way, and nearly had me running out to Home Depot to find myself a blow-off tube to prevent any eruptions out of the air lock. But thankfully, the krausen crested just shy of the carboy neck and slowly subsided over the course of a few days. Pain in the rear to clean, though, which is why I usually stick to the 6.5 gallon food-grade buckets for primary.

Final gravity reading came in at 1.015, which will put this one right around 7% ABV. The aroma coming out of the carboy as I siphoned was out of this world. The nearly three pounds of cherry wood smoked malt I used in the recipe seem to give it a real distinct aroma, reminiscent of a distant campfire or fresh jerkey. I’m hoping the smokey nose doesn’t overpower the Crystal, chocolate and black patent malts I used to help balance and provide some complexity in sweetness and color.     

I’ll let it sit in secondary for at least a couple months, maybe cold condition (but probably not necessary), then bottle. Should be ready by mid summer. This will certainly complement a nicely marinated NY strip steak or BBQ-slathered rack of ribs on the grill, augmenting some of the char and tangy flavor. Can’t wait.