dsc01681Tyranena Brewing out of Lake Mills, Wisconsin puts out some nice beers.

From what I can tell, they don’t get a very wide distribution in the Twin Cities compared to some other Wisconsin beers like say, oh, Miller Lite. But it’s around if you look. Of the three or four Tyranena offerings I’ve tried over the past few years, including Bitter Woman IPA and Rocky’s Revenge, they’ve all impressed me with their complexity and originality. Their Brewers Gone Wild Series takes this tradition one step further, giving us over-hopped, barrel-aged, imperialized beer hounds something to savor. And as part of the series, their Devil Made Me Do It! Coffee Imperial Oatmeal Porter didn’t disappoint.      

According to Tyranena, 60% of the beer is brewed with coffee beans (although I swear it smells like cold-pressed) and then aged in bourbon barrels, while the remainder is simply brewed with coffee beans and normally conditioned. Bring the two together, and you get an expertly balanced porter that makes you glad that the Devil was so persuasive.

Poured into a snifter with a jet black body and very minimal head. A big and robust coffee aroma hits you right away, and if I had to compare, very reminiscent of Surly Coffee Bender. No real hops to speak of. Some chocolate notes and a beautiful roasted quality also come through. So far so good. 

Taste is more of the roasted flavor and bittersweet chocolate. They certainly used some black patent malt, but not enough to give it a burnt, acidic quality like you get with some stouts. Heat from the 7.5% ABV does come through a bit, slightly accentuated as the subtle oaky bourbon flavor kicks in near the end. Finishes nicely with the help of the silky oatmeal to smooth out all the big flavors.

A truly enjoyable and drinkable beer.

Rating: A