dsc01595This morning I cracked the lid on my fermenting Belgian Brown Ale and pitched an installment of lactobacillus, a bacteria found in some lambics. I got the 500 ml starter put together yesterday, and it fermented out very quickly, leaving a nice and healthy population of bacteria to work with.

With the lactobacillus, the goal is to complement the sweet malt and aromatic hops with a nice balance of  both traditional Belgian yeastiness (from the initial strain) and a slight sour acidity. Add on top of that the oak chips currently soaking in port that will be dropped into the secondary, and this one is sure to be a very unique, complex ale.

I also checked in on my Furious clone that’s been in primary for almost two weeks now, and while the bulk of fermentation has taken place, I can still smell a bit of diacetyl coming out of the air lock. I’ll give it another few days to rest so the yeast can clean things up, then rack to secondary where I’ll dry hop for a week with a couple ounces of Simcoe and one ounce of Amarillo.