You can’t ask for any better weather during January in Minnesota. 45 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. There’s a chance I might actually get to see my driveway after most of the ice and snow melts off.

Today I decided to try and live blog my Furious brew day as best I could, providing video updates each significant step along the way. It gets a little cumbersome trying to video record everything you’re doing, especially when you sometimes need two hands for pulling pots off burners or getting your immersion chiller set up. But I’ll see what I can do to keep everyone apprised of the situation.

1:45 pm CST – Heating the mash water

2:03 pm CST – Mashing in and hop schedule

3:05 pm CST – Beginning the sparge

3:50 pm CST – Beginning the boil, first hop infusion

4:15 pm CST – Sanitizing

5:10 pm CST – Chilling the wort and pitching yeast