dsc01550I’m the guy that shows up at a Chilean wine tasting and asks about the beer selection.

Well, to be fair, Dark Horse Reserve Special Black Bier was offered to me moments after I walked in the front door of my friends’ home who happened to be hosting said wine event the other night. So, I of course partook in this very nice American Strong Ale before I dove into about a dozen Chilean reds including malbecs, cabernet sauvignons and merlots. No better way to screw up your palette for wine than with a rich and flavorful ale.  

I’d heard of Dark Horse out of Michigan, but had never tried any of their offerings to this point. The fact that this is categorized as an American Strong Ale struck me as a bit odd, as it came off much more like a porter to me. But I guess that designation is kind of a catch-all for any beer over 7% ABV. And this one qualifies coming in at 7.5%.

Really nice and rich dark coloring poured into a wine glass. Aroma is that of coffee, roasted malt and chocolate. Not much in the way of hops. Relatively thin mouthfeel, but a nice molasses flavor, followed by a somewhat bitter finish. Overall, pretty drinkable. I’d definitely try more of their stuff if it’s in the same quality realm as this one. By far the best thing I imbibed that night, aside from possibly the Montes Malbec 2007.

Rating: B+