dsc01036Happy New Years everyone.

To get the year started off on the right foot, I finally got around to converting my beer fridge into a genuine beer dispensing mechanism. Also known as a kegerator. The whole process was surprisingly simple and easy. Drill hole, insert tap, insulate, cinch up nut, attach keg hose, secure hose clamp, and voila. You’ve got beer. Main consideration through the process was ensuring that I wasn’t drilling the hole through a refrigerant line (which would be bad). I knew the door didn’t contain anything other than insulation, so it was the obvious choice.

Once the tap was installed, what I didn’t count on was the half hour of monkeying with the regulator to get the pressure in the line right, as my first official pour was nothing but foam and burps of CO2. A large amount of gas was backing up in the hose for some reason, creating little CO2 bubbles that were pooling up behind the faucet. I spent a little time online reading up on how line length impacts gas pressure and beer flow, made a couple calculations, and readjusted my setup. I’m sitting at about 12 PSI on the tank, and things seem to be working just fine now. Now all I have to do is design and make my own unique beer handle. That’ll be my next project.

I only have about a gallon left on my Belgian saison and I’m sure it’ll go quickly, so I’ll likely keg at least part of my presently fermenting Belgian dubbel when it’s ready to go.