My buddy Chip over at Brewhound Minneapolis recently posted what looks to be a very tasty Raspberry Imperial Stout recipe from Charlie Papazian, godfather of the homebrewing industry.

I think this recipe will work out well, if only for the fact that it uses malt extracts as opposed to all-grain, since it’s been nearly impossible for me to get out in the garage to brew with the bone-chilling temperatures of late (and no sign of letting up). I’ll at least be able to get a brew fermenting from the comfort and warmth of my kitchen so I don’t have to wait until Spring. 

I’m also thinking I’ll use the same base recipe to brew my ExperiMint Imperial Stout I talked about recently. Just substitute the raspberries for fresh mint. Should be interesting to see how the two different ingredients play out in the finished products.

Here’s the list:

6 lbs. plain light dried malt extract
8 lbs. dark malt extract syrup
1 1/4 lbs. crystal/caramel malt
1/2 lb. black roasted malt
3/4 lb. roasted barley
1/2 lb. chocolate roasted malt
2  oz. Chinook or other highly flavored hops (boiling)
2 oz. Cascades hops (aroma)
11 lbs. red raspberries (crushed and placed in the primary fermentor)
Ale yeast

This recipe is supposed to get into the 7% ABV range, a little light for what I’d call an Imperial Stout. But I’m sure very delicious, nonetheless.