My buddy Adam over at, who makes it his business to get the scoop on new and upcoming beers, recently posted on a couple very interesting beers coming down the line from two of the United States’ craft beer pioneers: Sierra Nevada and Sam Adams. 

Sierra’s new one, coming mid January, is the first addition to their regular year-round stable since 1980…Torpedo Extra IPA. Supposed to fall somewhere in the middle of the IPA and Double IPA spectrum. 7.4% ABV with 70 to 80 IBUs. I’ve said before that while I give Sierra their hard-earned due as one of the breweries that has paved the way for the craft beer industry, I’ve never been blown away by any of their offerings. In fact, most of their stuff tends to taste relatively similar to me. I’m hoping this one changes my mind.  

Even more intriguing, especially as we settle into the cold winter months here in Minnesota, is what Sam has in store…their first Imperial Stout. No timeframe on release date. I’m VERY curious to see what this one is like and how it stacks up to other examples like Surly Darkness or Three Floyds Dark Lord. Even more interested in how they’ll market it.