dsc009442It’s only once every so often that you make a home brew that really makes you feel like, at least for one fleeting moment, you really know what the hell you are doing. For me, this is that beer.

I brewed my Belgian Saison about a month ago, and from the moment I racked to the primary and pitched the yeast, I felt good things about this one. I used a combination of pilsner malt, Munich, flaked barley, wheat and Belgian candi sugar with a healthy dose of Saaz, East Kent Goldings, and Northern Brewer hops. To make it interesting, I also tossed in a bit of coriander, star anise, dried orange zest and grains of paradise. Wyeast 1214 really makes this beer what it is, giving it the perfect Belgian yeastiness and fruity ester that has resulted in probably one of my best beers ever.

I kegged it tonight, and after giving it a turbokick of carbonation and a couple hours to chill, it poured into a chalice with a one finger head (it’ll get better in a day or two once the CO2 does its work). A perfect golden straw coloring with a slight yeast haze. Awesome fruity aroma. Notes of orange, lemon and a slight hint of banana ester mixed with the crispness of the Saaz hops. The first time I smelled it, I couldn’t get over how dead-on it was to most commercial examples I’ve had.

The taste is just as good. Characteristic citrus spiciness accentuated by a slightly dry finish. Very refreshing throughout. Exactly what made it the beer of choice for Belgian farmhands coming in for lunch during the harvest. The 5.8% ABV slowly creeps up on you, but mostly undetectable thanks to the formidable, yet light, malt profile.

I’m tempted not to tell my friends and family that this one is kegged and ready to be enjoyed, because I want to hoard it all for myself. Oh, shit…           

Rating: A