dsc009401Monday. Back to the grind after a long and relaxing holiday break. My day wasn’t actually that bad, all things considered. Only about 400 emails to wade through and a handful of obligatory meetings. All made that much more bearable by a great little surprise sitting on my desk when I walked in…a sixer of New Glarus for my birthday, compliments of my very thoughtful boss. I’m really looking forward to trying each one.

But on to the beer at hand…Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout. I’ve never had Lagunitas before, mainly because they’re based out in California and only recently started distributing here to Minnesota. I’ve had this one in the beer fridge for quite a while, and tonight felt like the kind of evening to warm the bones with a hearty coffee stout.

Poured with minimal head into a snifter, and a very interesting ruby red coloring. Definitely not as dark or thick as I was expecting. A nice, rich malty chocolate aroma coupled with notes of coffee thanks to the Colombian beans used in the brewing process. Actually kind of reminds me of Surly’s Coffee Bender.

I let the glass warm up just a bit, and it had a nice, smooth taste through and through. Just enough bite with 30 IBUs to balance out the malt. A little thin in the mouthfeel, however, but that’s fairly typical of many stouts I’ve had. Didn’t really pick up much of the 8.29% of ABV, pretty well-hidden.

According to Beer Advocate, this is supposed to be an Imperial Stout, but I don’t agree. Too light in color and a tepid mouthfeel that prevents me from really going with that description. But a decent enough beer. 

Rating: B