Don’t let anyone tell you homebrewing isn’t alot of work.

I got up relatively early this morning and started setting up my equipment and getting the ingredients together to brew the barleywine. Two separate mashes to get the original gravity as high as possible, somewhere in the 1.10 range, which would equate to between 10-12% ABV. I took a few videos of the day, embedded below, for your homebrewing edification.

Once the main event was complete, I also bottled the DFH 60 clone, and managed to squeeze out almost two full cases worth. Smelled extremely hoppy, but the small flat sample I tasted was extra smooth. I thank Sam Calagione for the innovation of continuous hopping. However, I may have overshot the mark and accidentally made a DFH 90 clone, given the hop levels in there.

Once that was complete, I didn’t have enough bottles to package up the Summit Winter clone. So I’ll have to save that for later in the week. However, I did rack my Saison into secondary, and I gotta say, it smelled EXACTLY like Ommegang Hennepin. Just a bit of pepper, fragrant (yet light) citrus and orange, and distinctive Belgian candi sugar and yeast. I’m really looking forward to that one.

All said and done, about 9 hours of homebrewing. I’m ready for a vacation.

Barleywine Grain Bill

Hop Schedule