dsc00863So today didn’t quite go as I’d expected, but still productive nonetheless.

I did make it to the homebrew supply store, and purchased my ingredients for the barleywine, but that’s as far as I got on the brewing front. The weather around here turned a little cold and windy, so I put the brewing on hold until tomorrow. Instead, I spent most of the day running around town to Home Depot and several other places trying to take care of some long neglected projects around the house, including cleaning up my beer/workshop room. 

Most of my homebrew equipment is typically strewn about the floor, loosely organized in some state of controlled chaos. I usually know where everything is located, but it also gets old jumping over carboys and immersion chillers when I actually need to go in there for something other than beer. So I bought an inexpensive steel shelving system and put it together, hoping to get my stuff off the floor and neatly arranged in the corner. Kind of nice to have it clean in there for once.

But tomorrow, I’m for sure putting everything to good use and brewing that barleywine. Looking forward to it. I’m also planning to bottle the DFH 60 Minute IPA and Summit Winter Ale clones that have been sitting in secondary for at least a couple weeks, and rack the Saison I brewed over a week ago to the secondary. I’m guessing it’ll take me the entire day. But if I didn’t enjoy it, it wouldn’t be a hobby. When it’s all said and done, I’ll have another 15 gallons of homebrew to go with my already stocked beer fridge. Good thing I have friends.