I’m off work for over a week, and looking forward to some serious downtime. I plan to spend most of it taking care of a few home improvement projects I’ve been neglecting for a while, and of course, some homebrewing.

My first little project will consist of a barleywine recipe I pulled out of thin air. So it may or may not adhere to style. But I don’t really care. All I know is, it’s gonna be damn strong and very hoppy. Here’s what I’m planning to use:

13 lbs. 2-row
5 lbs. Munich malt
4 lbs. flaked oats
2 lbs. biscuit malt
1 lb. light brown sugar
3 oz. Willamette (60 minutes)
3 oz. Cascade (30 minutes)
3 oz. Mt. Hood (end of boil)
Wyeast 1056

According to my recipe tool, this should get me to an original gravity of 1.140, or about 12.5% ABV, and about 90 IBUs. Here’s hoping. Since this is about twice the amount of grains I’m used to using in my 5 gallon mash tun, I’m gonna have to split up the mash into two steps. I’ll probably batch sparge instead of fly, trying to increase my efficiency as much as possible. I’m guessing this one will need to sit in secondary for quite a while, maybe several months. By that time, we’ll be getting out of barleywine season. But I’ve never been one to concern myself with when beers are best appreciated.

I’ll let you know how everything goes, maybe through some video.