sam_dogfishVery in-depth profile on Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head in the recent food issue of The New Yorker. This guy is nothing but pure inspiration for me. Favorite set of quotes from the story:

“To give you some context for why [Budweiser American Ale] is so distasteful to me,” Calagione said. “At the same time that they’re making this relatively hoppy wanna-be craft beer that exists only to confuse the consumer—so that they can be culture vultures—they are running ads that say that the darker a beer is the more impurities it has. It’s beer racism.” … “Look,” he told me later. “I’m not afraid to pay compliments where compliments are due. Anheuser-Busch’s quality—if quality is consistency—is second to none. But I’m frustrated that that one beer has been hammered down people’s throats. I mean, banana cream pie may be your favorite fucking food. But if you ate banana cream pie every day you would hate it, too.”