dsc00820I gotta be honest. I’m normally a pretty reserved, humble guy. Some might even say too even-keel in some situations. But I’m just going to step out of my non-bragadocious skin and go ahead and say it. This Spiced Pumpkin Ale I brewed up is really, really good. In fact, much better than most other commercial pumpkin ales I’ve ever had.

Poured from the keg with a huge fluffy head, with a very nice deep red coloring. Great clarity too, which is sometimes tough to get with homebrews. I think my filtering efforts and Irish Moss in the boil paid off. Perfect aromatic balance between cinnamon, clove, ginger, nutmeg. Truly smells like pumpkin pie, with a healthy alcohol kick thanks to the brown sugar. When I brewed this one, I used about a pound of the stuff during the boil, and it’s probably added at least a few percentage points in ABV. I’d guess this is between 8-9%.

The taste is near flawless. Just enough of the pumpkin pie to let you know what you’re drinking, but a great malty mouthfeel thanks to the carapils and Munich grains I used. Also just the slightest hint of hops at the end. Very smooth. In fact, my brother (who doesn’t normally like “dark” beers) commented that it was almost like a light beer, with lots of great pumpkin flavor. And, considering he and several other friends drank a dozen pints of the stuff on Sunday while watching the Vikings-Packers game, I’d say it’s a crowd favorite.

This is one of the most drinkable beers I’ve ever created. It’s so nice when it all comes together. Come get some before it’s all gone.

Rating: A