dsc00800I spent most of the morning racking my three different beers that have been fermenting or conditioning over the past few weeks.

First, I sanitized one of my carboys and cracked the lid on the Dogfish Head 60 Minute clone. It smelled pretty good and hoppy. Racked the beer into the carboy, and dry hopped with 2 ounces of Cascade and Willamette. I’d originally planned on Cascade and Simcoe, but I decided I didn’t want that super piney, grapefruit thing going on with this one. It’s also the first time I’ve just dropped the hops right into the carboy, as opposed to using a nylon bag, so we’ll see how it affects the clarity of the final product. It’s kind of cool seeing about two beautiful inches of thick, bursting hops soaking in your beer. I’ll give it at least a couple weeks to marinate until I bottle.



Next, I sanitized my corny keg and transferred my Spiced Pumpkin Ale that’s been in secondary for a couple weeks. Smelled great. Pretty sweet, which I’m sure is from the brown sugar. But hopefully doesn’t taste too sweet. Once I filled the corny, I hooked it up to CO2, burped it, and gave it a 20 psi shot for a few minutes before I dropped it down to 7, then refrigerated. I’ll give it a taste later tonight to see how we’re coming along. 

Finally, I racked the recently brewed Summit Winter clone into a sanitized carboy to condition for a bit. Nice toffee brown coloring, which is just about spot on with the real thing.

So, in total, that’s about 15 gallons of good homebrew that I’ll soon be adding to my craft beer rotation. Can’t wait.


DFH 60 Clone with Dry Hop