dsc00790I’ve finally completed the Dogfish Head trifecta.

Beyond a doubt, Dogfish Head 120 Minute is the most unique IPA (or DIPA) I’ve ever had. If you can call it an IPA. It’s a masterpiece of a beer. Sam Calagione is the beer industry’s Michelangelo of our time.

I’ve never felt drunk after less than half a beer. 20% ABV. 450 calories per 12 ounce serving. This beer is a small meal. And one that packs a hell of a punch. I can only imagine Sam Adams Utopias is somewhere in this same ballpark.

Poured with a thick, opaque butterscotch coloring. Definitely not what I was expecting. Despite the 20% alcohol content, I didn’t even pick up a whiff of it. Somewhat thin head. But you can’t fault this beer for that. As it’s packing a whopping 120 IBU rating. But guess what…this beer ironically is not even close to bitter. It’s sweeter than hell. I’m having a hard time seeing how the caramel-like flavoring can come solely from hops. This beer is almost like candy. I spent the first third of the beer just sipping it, trying to get a sense of what the hell it was all about. Then I took a big pull. And realized that this beer is not meant to be consumed quickly. The mouthfeel is too much to handle in that capacity.

It pains me to say that I probably wouldn’t drink this every day of the week if I had it available to me. Don’t get me wrong. It’s phenomenal. But I also couldn’t stomach eating buttered Maine lobster tail for breakfast, lunch and dinner either.  

Thank you Dogfish Head. For showing me what hops can truly be.

Rating: A