“Every time you pick up a newspaper or watch the news you hear about branding. It’s a term that has escaped from the boardrooms and invaded our culture.

Supermarkets are branding their own products, clothing companies are extending their brands into worlds of home furnishings, and global brewers are diversifying their brands with endless line extension and acquisitions.

It seems as if every business entity out there is focused on building a brand with a unique, highly marketable image. The result, of course, is that we’re all suffering from brand fatigue. But when you make and enjoy a batch of homebrew, it’s like hitting the pause button on an overwhelmingly brand-saturated world to reconnect with the most important brand in your world…you.

Something built sturdily and lovingly from your own hands and mind has no need for the reassurance of status or the validation of market share. It’s special because it comes from you. And the beers that you make will be a modest, unconventional, but very real reflection of who you are. In this hectic day and age, what better gift could there be than to share a handmade batch of craft brew with friends?”
     — Sam Calagione, owner of Dogfish Head Brewery, from Extreme Brewing