My buddy Dave over at The Drunken Polack just reviewed this one, so I’m piggybacking on his comments. We’re in pretty consistent agreement on this one.

Poured from a 650 ml bottle with not much head. What was there was very dark khaki. Lightly carbonated. This beer smells very nice. Very malty, with lots of cocoa and bitter chocolate that comes through heavily. It’s what I’d expect from a cross between an oatmeal and Imperial stout, as described by Stone. The oatmeal gives it a nice and creamy mouthfeel. The heavy malt is balanced with a hoppy bitterness, Galena or Ahtanum, perhaps? As Dave describes, this stout is “different.” The bitter chocolate combined with the slight hint of hops makes this a pretty unique beer. Not one I’d look for on a regular basis. But on a cold, Minnesota winter evening, I’d take it any day of the week.

Rating: B+