My first Stone review from the recent South Bay Drugs & Liquor delivery. Stone Cali-Belgique, or as it’s referred to on the bottle itself, Stone Cali-België. I think everyone outside of Belgium who doesn’t speak Dutch refers to it as “Belgique” because they can’t figure out how to type umlauts.

Interesting combination of what tastes like a classically yeasty Belgian Golden Ale with a strong and bitter IPA. I kind of like it. Starts off like it’s going to be sweet, like some Belgians, but finishes mouth-puckering dry. You get that “grape skin” tartness on the back and sides of your tongue. In small quantities, that characteristic is fine (and desired in an IPA), but too much is astringent. This falls somewhere inbetween.

Overall, the IPA definitely takes over this one. Distinctive citrusy hop aromas and tastes, but not as much as you might expect in an IPA. If you’re looking for a hop bomb, you won’t find it here. I suspect the Belgian part of this beer tempers it a little.

This is a pretty drinkable beer, light mouthfeel and somewhat refreshing. I have a feeling this isn’t one of Stone’s best, but I like it just fine.

Rating: B