It was another busy weekend. But Sunday I took the opportunity to brew a Spiced Pumpkin Ale for the upcoming holidays. Here’s the grain bill and hop schedule:

10 pounds 2-row
1.5 pounds Carapils
1.5 pounds Light Munich
4 ounces chocolate malt
1 ounce Mt. Hood (at 60 min.)
1 ounce Cascade (at 30 min.)
1 ounce Mt. Hood (finishing)

To make this a true pumpkin ale, I also dropped in the following midway through the boil:
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp ginger
1 tsp whole cloves
2 cinnamon sticks (in boil for 30 minutes)
2 cups brown sugar
30 ounces of canned pumpkin filling

The mash/lauter went very well, hit my OG of 1.068. I had the garage door closed during most of it since the wind was causing issues with my propane heater, so things got extremely hot during the boil. After adding in the pumpkin and spices, the place smelled like a bakery with pumpkin pie in the air. Chilled, racked, and pitched Wyeast 1056 with no complications. It’s bubbling away nicely at about 70 degrees. I’m a little concerned I used too much brown sugar and the beer will be too sweet. But I’m hoping some of that is tempered during the fermentation. Target FG is 1.017, giving this a nice little 6.6% ABV kick. Grandma won’t know what hit her.

Once I got done with my Pumpkin Ale, I decided to keg the Spider IPA that’s been dry hopping for a few days. I realize I just brewed this one less than two weeks ago, but I just couldn’t wait. It smelled nice coming out of the secondary, and after turbo-carbonating the keg for a couple hours, it tasted good. Much better than my previous IPA attempt. Definitely aromatic with Simcoe coming through in the nose. I’ll review this one over the next couple weeks once the “green” wears off a bit.

In other homebrew news, I cracked a test bottle of my Oatmeal Coffee Stout that’s been bottle conditioning for about two weeks now, and it was pretty well carbonated. I’ll let the two cases hang out for another week, then refrigerate. Look for the review soon.