Guy walks into a store. Sees a cooler filled with Bud Light, one filled with Miller Lite, and another filled with Coors Light. This isn’t the beginning of a joke, but actually an honest question…how does one make a distinguishing choice between any of them? For argument’s sake, let’s just put the whole taste factor aside. Maybe some people do actually enjoy Bud Light, or any of the other macros. Fine. More power to you. But for those that don’t care (and I’m guessing that’s most macro drinkers), and your goal is to get inebriated (again, most macro drinkers), I go back to the earlier discussion of Price Per Alcoholic Percentile. In most cases, you’re actually getting screwed out of money drinking the macros. I’m no marketer (well, actually, I am), but why not put the $50 mill into brewing better beer? That would improve the “drinkability” of your product, in my opinion. I’m gearing up for a review of Bud’s American Ale if I can locate it soon, doesn’t seem to have hit the shelves here yet.