Score! I knew this blog would pay off some day…

Thanks to some well-placed connections in the local brewing industry, I’ve managed to acquire a ticket to the sold-out 8th annual Autumn Brew Review held at the historic Grain Belt Brewery in Nord-east Minneapolis next weekend. Tickets for this shindig are going on Craig’s List for $50-100 a pop, so I feel pretty lucky to get a chance to sample the wares from some of the best local and non-local craft brewers in the nation. More than 50 brewers are participating, including Summit, Surly, Schell’sMinneapolis Town Hall, Brau Brothers, Ommegang, Two Brothers, Southern Tier, Boulevard, New Belgium, Left Hand, Victory, Bell’s, and North Coast (to name a few).

Look for the reviews next week (hopefully I can remember the details, as opposed to my recent Belgian Beer Fest excursion).