La Fee Doo Mon. La Feen Dew Mond. La Fin…ah whatever. The End of the World. I never could figure out French (or THE French), even though I took it in high school and spent a short time in Paris. Fleur de lis…what the hell is that? Napoleon? Rene Descartes? Marianne? Weak. However, as Jean Girard in “Talledaga Nights” said, “we invented existentialism, democracy, and the blowjob.” OK, France. I guess I’ll give you that.

Regardless, I can respect French Canadians. After all, they know how to make a good beer. They’re also into most of the same things I am…drinking beer, seceding, salmon fishing, and hockey. I am a Minnesotan after all, and my college buddies always told me “Minnesota may as well be another province of Canada.” If the skate fits. I’ve had a couple different offerings from Unibroue, based in Quebec (Kay-Bek, for those not familiar with the correct pronunciation). And based on my relatively limited exposure, I don’t think they’re capable of making a bad beer. My recent evening spent with La Terrible was pretty solid.

I enjoyed La Fin Du Monde while watching the Vikings/Packers game, this season’s opening Monday Night Football match-up. And depending on your perspective, I may have drank this too fast because a) the Vikings are currently down and I’m pissed off, or b) this is really just a fantastic beer.   

Cheeseheads aside…the pour wasn’t overly carbonated. Decent head, but not what I expected from a Belgian Triple. However, a very nice bright orange coloring. Aroma is very citrusy, lots of Belgian yeast present, also a little “musty”. Not bad “musty”, like your Aunt Edna’s front closet, but I remarked to my fiance that it smelled a little like a kitchen sponge. Not sure if that’s good or not, it just smelled like a sponge to me. Thankfully, spicy nutmeg, clove, and gingerbread also came through pretty heavily in the nose.

The taste is superb. Sweet maltiness covers the alcohol content almost completely, with some of the hops coming through in the end. Damn this is good. No matter what ends up happening with my Vikings, I’m guaranteed to go to bed a happy guy tonight*.

Rating: A

* I ammend that comment. I was pissed off, but not because of the beer.