I don’t fashion myself a big politico, but I just can’t stomach the RNC. I can’t avoid it living in the Twin Cities…it’s on the local news, it’s on the national news, and it’s staring me in the face as I drive home from work as literally busloads of conservative sheep clog up traffic and delay me from getting home to spend time with my fiance and enjoy my latest brew. Sarah Palin-drone…you took the gloves off during your  speech tonight, and you will soon realize that was a very big mistake. Not tough to pander to the RNC choir with standard conservative talking points (i.e. “values”, liberal media, FEARmongering of all varieties). If the Republicans have led our country so effectively the past eight years, why do they avoid bringing Bush or Cheney to the convention? Distance is a virtue. You certainly don’t paint yourself as a victim Ms. Palin, and the Democrats won’t treat you like one. Game on, supporter of the Bridge to Nowhere…or wait, you flip-flopped on that. I’m just wondering if tomorrow McCain will give America one substantial example of how his party plans to ressurect the U.S. economy and improve healthcare, instead of continuing to wage divisive and partisan attacks that run counter to their positioning as “maverick change agents”. Political theater. Country first…real issues second. Oh, and maybe Palin and Giuliani weren’t aware…but Jesus Christ was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.

Sigh…anyway. As I watched the Republicans nominate this election cycle’s losing candidates, I sipped on a very nice Abbey-style strong dark ale, Unibroue La Terrible. And strong is the operative word here. It’s a very interesting ale. Pours like a Guinness with an extremely dark ruby coloring, but with a nice Belgian yeast aroma. Definitely the darkest abbey that I’ve seen.

It’s a little reminiscent of Ommegang Three Philosophers, with some hints of cherry and dark fruits, even a bit of tobacco. Its 10.5% ABV gives it a slight alcohol burn on the backend. Pretty boozy. In fact, I think the alcohol content gets a little in the way of this one. La Terrible is billed as somewhat of a digestif, and I’d agree with that. I’ll venture to say, it’s a bit too heavy for me, but I would try it again. 

Rating: B+