Found an interesting site the other day, the beer world’s version of a currency converter…according to The Price of a Pint, you can get a pint of lager for 62 cents in Burma (Myanmar). However, most of us American tourists would need to get a second mortgage to hit happy hour in Norway, as the price for a pint there is $11.73. Not many people could afjord that.

The Vice Blogger recently riffed on a very interesting concept, and one that I am in complete agreement with when it comes to convincing frugal friends to put down their cheap macros and step up to the plate with a superior craft beer. Price Per Alcoholic Percentile, or PPAP. Brilliant. Can’t wait to pull that one out next happy hour. Although, the PPAP ratio is probably equalized during drink specials, so it would only work in the macro’s favor for a few hours out of the day.