Paid a visit to The Four Firkins today, the best craft beer store in the Twin Cities. With the Republican national convention starting here on Monday, I figured I needed to load up on beer to eliminate the need to leave the house again for at least a week. What with all the rich white oligarchs roaming the streets. Can’t be too careful.

I spotted Three Philosophers, an interesting offering from Ommegang. Ninety-eight percent ale, and 2 percent cherry lambic. Hmmm. OK, I’ll bite.

Similar to Boulevard’s Sixth Glass, this delicious brew is also a Belgian quadruple. And yes, after tippling half the bomber, I’m sinking deeper and deeper into the cushions of my couch (nearly 10% ABV). Huge creamy head with a nice ruby red coloring. Smells a little like dark licorice, almost an Ouzo or Sambuca quality (of course not nearly as piercing). Also slightly buttery. 

The taste is sweet and malty with hints of cherry, but it’s not overpowering. The cherries are really more perceptible in the aftertaste, and remind me of amaretto. But this beer isn’t just about cherries. The mild hops come through in the finish, a little dry and bitter. Perhaps even slightly sour.

This is a very unique and enjoyable beer. I wish I had a nice cigar or a fat steak to go with it. Overall, a very smooth and drinkable quad, but the exact opposite of session.

Rating: B+