ABV: 10.5%
Glasses of Boulevard’s “Sixth Glass” Quadrupel consumed: 1.5
BAC: 0.14%

My lord Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, Missouri. You have brought me to my knees. I have never known a Quadrupel of this ilk before, and I shall never meet one like it again. Where to begin…I’m not sure if I’m whipped up in a frenzy of political hysteria by Bill Clinton’s just-delivered speech endorsing Barack Obama, or if this fantastically magical ale is really that good. Wow. Just awesome. I’m not even going to get into the lacing because, quite frankly, who cares. This is a real beer. Something the 101st Airborne infantry division fighting in the Battle of the Bulge would have taken a break on their way out of Bastogne to stop and enjoy at a roadside public house. This is a knock-you-on-your-ass tour de force of malty goodness…a boozy and plum-soaked ale replete with ethanol-infused aromas and spicy notes that stay with you through the glass. Ahh, yes. Boulevard Brewery, I love you. Your Smokestack Series celebrating the Belgian styles is a pure masterpiece, culminating with this well-balanced quadrupel that greets you with fruity esters, ushers you in the front door with warming alcohol, and sends you packing with hints of ginger. Yes, I said ginger. OK, that sounded really weird. But I do smell ginger in there.

Seriously, I didn’t know what to expect with this. I’ve never had a quadrupel, but I have to imagine this is the closest thing you can get to beer perfection. Honestly, I took one sip and thought “this is Chimay Cinq Cents.” Except, just a tad stronger. I’ll stand behind that as a compliment, as I hold that beer in very high regard. And trust me, this is a sipper. This beer will kick you in your ass, and won’t offer a hand to help you up afterwards.

Yes, Boulevard Brewery. I do love your Quadrupel.

Rating: A+