Yes folks. Another Belgian review.

St. Feuillien’s Triple is a connoisseur’s beer par excellence. OK, I stole that from the web site. But it’s still pretty damn good. They also make a blonde, brown and “cuvee de noel” which appears to be some type of blended holiday brew. They’ve been brewing since 1125. You may be asking yourself, “what was happening in world history in 1125 AD?” Well, according to my friend Wikipedia, not much. Except some very respectable beer making. As the story goes, an Irish  monk by the name of Feuillien came to Europe to convert lost souls in the 7th century. Unfortunately, our hero stuck his neck out a little too far, and was martyred and beheaded in what is now the town of Le Roeulx. In his honor, the monks constructed a chapel on the very site of his martyrdom, which later also served as a brewery. That’s one hell of a grave marker.   

With that, I give you St. Feuillien Triple.

750 ml bottle, corked with a No 1540 imprinted (is that the batch number?). 8.5% ABV, but it’s well hidden. Poured with a beautiful thick white head that lasted throughout, fantastic lacing. Golden amber color, almost like a nice cider or apple juice. The smell is great. Scent of tart apples, and very subtle bananas. It’s a sweet tasting ale, but not cloying as some describe it. Maybe the Belgian candi sugar helps impart some of this. Overall, a “mellow” triple as it is accurately stated on the bottle. If I had to compare this to Chimay Cinq Cents, it’s not actually fair, since it is after all Chimay we’re talking about. But a very solid and well-balanced triple. I’d definitely have another.

Rating: B+