I think my yeast starter experiment worked. In fact, it worked so well that I was awakened this morning by my fiance’s screams coming from the laundry room as she stood in a large puddle of Oatmeal Stout krausen spewing out of the fermentor. We spent the better part of the morning cleaning up the mess, which also unfortunately got all over our new luggage. That was some serious CO2.

Interestingly, my fermenting IPA also had a bit of a blow-off issue, but not nearly as bad as the stout. Either I’m getting better at preparing my yeast, or there’s more fermentable sugars than I thought in those batches.

Now that things are under control, it’s hopefully smooth sailing for another week or so before I rack to the secondary. I’m a fan of cold conditioning…it seems to help the beer clarity and, from my experience, translates to better beer flavor with less trub floating around. It’s amazing to see the difference in coloring after a couple weeks in the refrigerator. Cold conditioning also means I can enjoy my beer more quickly once I keg it, as the beer is already at the desired temperature to absorb higher volumes of CO2.