Anheuser Busch plans to introduce its first Bud-branded ale this October. For some of you that enjoy craft beers, I can hear the noses turning up as I write this. I, on the other hand, am a little curious, and look forward to giving this beer a shot. Seems a little like Michelob and Miller’s recent attempts with their craft-inspired lines to appeal to a broader demographic of beer drinkers that probably wouldn’t otherwise try something like Sierra Nevada. And when I say broader demographic, I mean pretentious college kids that want to act like they’re maturing beyond Fratty Natty, but in reality aren’t yet able to truly appreciate and understand a quality brew. It’s OK, I was there once too. Back in high school, I used to think Rolling Rock was an “interesting selection” because I saw DeNiro drinking it during the bar scene in The Deer Hunter.

I’m not expecting much from Bud American Ale, and I doubt I’ll be running out to buy more than a 6 pack. It sounds like they’re dry hopping with Cascade, giving it a mouth-puckering (ha!) 28 IBUs. I guess that’s a significant step up if you’re used to drinking any of their other just-slightly-hoppier-than-regular-tap-water delights. Gotta give A-B credit for trying.

Found this interesting little segment on YouTube from one of A-B’s brewmasters describing the new beer. Also, check out this thread at Beer Advocate.